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ISSUE 1048 INTERVIEWS INC: Cover artists Michael Olatuja and Dan Penn. Other interviews include Bluey (Citrus Sun), John Rocca (Freeez), Thommy Davis, Hollis Parker, JUBE and John Osborne.


REGULAR FEATURE: Duncan Payne turns back time as he revisits 1975 where a fractured soul scene began a north/south divide, along with the start of the infighting of the northern soul wars, which had started to take centre stage. It's not a story from A Game Of Thrones! It's the soul world in 1975! As usual, the year’s best releases and poll winners accompany this feature.


CHARTS: ***THE HIP LIST***, Upfront Urban Chart, Bigger's Smoove Grooves R&B chart, Ben Lovett's Grooveyard Essentials.



REGULAR FEATURE: Soulful Social... B&S invites readers and artists to post, mention and interact with B&S on social platforms - the best of these feature in each print issue.


B&S COLUMNISTS THIS ISSUE: Richard Searling (Northern Soul), Ralph Tee (Modern Soul), Ben Lovett (Dance), Frank Elson (Northern Soul) and Bigger (R&B)


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